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Question about oil monitor
I have about 6k on my 2013 Flex and the oil monitor says I am at 42% oil life. In just under 2 weeks I am leaving for a road trip where I will put on about 2k miles. Am I safe to assume that my oil monitor will not notify me ...

Help, 2009 Flex, driver seat moved back, now it won't move.
I bought my wife a 09 Ford Flex and she loves the car, but we just discovered that the drivers seat moved all the way back when she turned the car off and now it doesn't work. It is stuck in the far back position. Also, the p...

Snow Tires or not?
I just bought a 2014 Flex SEL and was wondering what everyone's opinion on snow traction is. I live in northern WI and I've had Blizzaks on my last 3 vehicles and loved the traction. But my last 3 vehicles were FWD, this Fl...

EB and drive systems
Looking to buy 2014 Limited EB but I dislike AWD and was wondering if there was anyway of fooling the computers to make it a rear wheel drive only or of last resort a front wheel drive only....

Can't get our homelink to linkup to our garage door opener
I've tried hitting the button on the remote and mylink button at the same time and waiting for the blinks to go solid and I also hit the button on the actual opener then the other two but it won't link up. It's a Wayne Dalto...

Got a 12 Ecoboost, the paddle shifters don't seem to work
We picked up a 2012 Limited with Ecoboost and the paddles don't seem to work. I pulled the shifter to M but when I pulled the paddles it just blinks the gear that I am already in...

BAD ELF GPS reciever and Media Hub
2014 Flex SEL - with "Media Hub" SD card slot and (2) USB ports. I don't have NAV. However, can anyone tell me if my "BAD ELF" GPS plug in for my iPad will work through the Media Hub and display my loc...

A Flex is the winer in My Ford magazine Photo Finsh
A nice shot from Jerry Parks of his 2009 Flex in SC...

Considering new rear mufflers
Hey y'all, I doubt it will do much for performance, but I was considering going to a slightly neater looking rear muffler pair. I have this urge to want to use a burnt-tip muffler for the color. I feel like that's "ri...

New to the site.. some advice needed
Hi all! I am the proud owner of a 2012 Ford Flex SEL AWD. She is ginger ale metallic with a vista roof. Our only complaint is the interior color.. it isn't tan, it is almost white. We want to have it FOREVER but don't like t...

Rocker Panel Moulding - rubber door seal.
I was washing the car last night and noticed the rocker panel moulding has come loose on the right side 2nd row and partially on the left side 2nd row. Nothing is broken just the retailer clips are not holding. I pushed it ...

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Quick Info on the Ford Flex:

  • New Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV)
  • Based off 2005 Ford Fairlane Concept
  • Shares the powertrain of the Ford Edge - 3.5L V6
  • Available in Front Wheel Drive (FWD) or All Wheel Drive (AWD)
  • Has Ford's new 3-bar chrome grille
  • See also: 2009 Flex Overview & 2009 Flex Specifications

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