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2013 Flex fumes in cabin
My 2013 Flex has been getting fumes in the cabin. I took it to the dealer and was told there is a TSB for this problem, BUT, despite my having purchased the top extended warranty coverage, Ford claims this is not covered. The...

Finallly getting the chance to intro...and my Flex LTD
I've been posting from time to time and joined in February. We got our 2014 Flex Limited EB on 3/16 and have been loving it...for all of 2500 miles so far. Since I am a truck driver I never have enough time to upload so here ...

...today I feel old
Well I am but that's beside the point! Today Pac Man turned 35!...

How much can you tow?
I've put together a spread sheet that may help you figure out what your Flex can tow. Unfortunately I can't link a spreadsheet so I am doing a cut/paste that you can paste into your Excel sheet. Once you have the numbers an...

Conti xTreme DWS 06 255/45 ZR20 - WOW!
Local dealer has buy two, get two tires free up to $200/ tire. Without hesitation I Ordered the newly revised Conti DWS 06 for my Flex. Surprised they were in stock as the tires debut was realesed in April. -$400 promo a...

Sidewall damage
For all you tire gurus out there, just wanting a couple of opinions... The wife pulled to the curb side and sideswiped a vertical storm drain therefore slashing the sidewall of the tire and rashing the rim. I can barely se...

power steering problem
Hi, first I love driving the Flex. I have owned a 2011 SEL AWD for two years now, but I am at a point where I don't think I would buy another Ford again (a least not a Flex) It only has 80,000 km (50,000 miles) and a lot of...

If factory installed 7pin plug, didn't it install hitch?
Hi everyone, I'm the 2nd owner of a 2011 Flex Titanium....and I've had it for 3+ years. I JUST found the 7 pin plug under the steering column now that I've decided to tow a camper and began investigating. However, I don't h...

square protective covers
so, i've noticed there are several square protective covers in the cargo area...specifically, there is one above each second row seat...when i pop them open, it looks like something can be inserted, but what? can i use these ...

Splash Guards ProFit
I stumbled across a thread a couple of days ago with a member who had installed the pro-fit molded mud flaps from ebay. I was trying to find the thread again, but no luck. Anyone have any pics or know what I'm talking about? ...

Front Driveshaft snapped
hey y'all, My question I does anyone make a stronger front driveshaft than stock.....I was power braking and it snapped in half (wife isn't pleased) ford will only put stock back in but I think I should try to upgrade...

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Quick Info on the Ford Flex:

  • New Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV)
  • Based off 2005 Ford Fairlane Concept
  • Shares the powertrain of the Ford Edge - 3.5L V6
  • Available in Front Wheel Drive (FWD) or All Wheel Drive (AWD)
  • Has Ford's new 3-bar chrome grille
  • See also: 2009 Flex Overview & 2009 Flex Specifications

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