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Moonroof Initialization Process?
Does anyone know of a Flex Moonroof initialization process? Mine shattered and has been replaced; not the vista portion, just the piece over the front seats. The rear corners are flush with the roof but the middle sits about ...

Fuel Guage
Hi Gang, I love my Flex, but am having a problem with the fuel guage - it constantly reads 1/2 tank irrespective of actual fuel level. Ford dealer replaced sensor/pump parts for $700, but the problem returned the first time ...

Hey everyone
Just thought I'd join up and see what all is going on in the flex world. Just purchased a 2010 SEL a month ago. I really liking the car a lot compared to the escape we had before. I'll ad some good pics later but I added one ...

Hello From Knoxville Area
Just joined and thought I'd say hello. I have a 2013 AWD Limited Flex and it's a great car have had it for about a year now and can't complain about how good it has worked out for us. I'm sure you'll see me on here and some o...

appearance package or titanium??
Almost two years ago we traded in our 2010 flex se for a 2013 limited cause my wife liked the new body style and wanted leather and all the fancy gizmos. I really would have liked to have searched for one that was optioned th...

Hey everyone I have a 2010 sel and no matter what I put the settings on it will not switch to the vents. I've removed both actuators behind the glove box. I also removed the lower one on the drivers side and still nothing. I...

For Sale: Factory Roof Rails - Silver
Available: the just-removed roof rails and supporting hardware (bolts and rubber bushings) from my 2009 Flex. I removed them with plans to install them on my new 2014, but since I'd rarely used them (or the just sold Yakima c...

Ford's #unminivan giveaway - Why no Flex?
Anyone else receive this promotion from Ford and/or their local dealer? It is interesting viewing all the videos and seeing how they ALL relate precisely to the Flex (minus the "forward sensing system"). Why go to a...

Dash Cams?
I'm looking to get a dash cam. I would like one that is HD and has the option to overlay speed and date etc on the video. I don't really want one that is too big but I could deal with it if it is. Also, not too sure if moun...

WTB/WTT White Platinum Tri-Coat Colored Door Handles
I have the limited chrome capped door handles that I want to trade for body colored ones. Either that or buy them straight out, though trading would be preferred Let me know if you have something! White Platinum Tri-Coat o...

Anyone take off their "LIMITED" badging on rear door?
I'd like to remove this lettering but I don't want holes left in the brushed aluminum trim. Has anyone done this already?...

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Quick Info on the Ford Flex:

  • New Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV)
  • Based off 2005 Ford Fairlane Concept
  • Shares the powertrain of the Ford Edge - 3.5L V6
  • Available in Front Wheel Drive (FWD) or All Wheel Drive (AWD)
  • Has Ford's new 3-bar chrome grille
  • See also: 2009 Flex Overview & 2009 Flex Specifications

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